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Mayer's "One Minute Lessons"

If you lack a sense of humor, this page is NOT for you. Go elsewhere.

"Some of the most important things I know
take less than a minute to teach and last a lifetime."
Mayer's Life Lesson #91

A collection of short video lessons illustrating basic procedures to be mastered by all horticulture students at AHS. Instructors are Eric P. Mayer and Daniel S. Rueger, most videos by Mayer.

Everything posted here has legitimate educational value.
Spend a day with us and you'll know why.

"Trust me folks, some of this stuff may look pretty simple
but after 25 years of teaching I've learned, when working with kids, never take anything for granted."
Eric Mayer

Edison Arboretum booklet assembly, the movie. 19 second video, 424K.
How to remove a baseball field rain tarp, 15 second video, 336K.
How to transplant a pepper, Shawna, 14 second video, 312K.
How to label a bedding plant flat, 20 second video, 456K
How to water a bedding plant flat, 23 second video, 512K
How to plant petunia seeds, 28 second video, 624K.
How to sand graffiti from a picnic table, 11 second video, 256K.
How to fill seedflats with germination media, 11 second video, 256K.
How to cook Sweet & Sour Chicken, 18 second video, 400K.
How to transplant a pansy, 14 second video, 312K.
How to load soil in a wheelbarrow, 12 sec video, 288K.
Mayer teaches solitude in the Memorial Garden, 17 sec video, 368K.
How to take hibiscus cuttings. 17 sec video, 392K.
A prime example of a 'ball and burlap' tree. 10 seconds, 232K video.
Rueger teaches pinning burlap in the nursery. 26 seconds, 592K video.
How to dig a white cedar tree from the nursery. 22 seconds, 504K video.
How to dip irrigation water from the stream. 5 seconds, 120K video, by Jack.
How to wash and put away a shovel. 13 seconds, 296K video.
How to recycle an Ohio pop can. 12 seconds, 280K video.
How to water a poinsettia pot. 5 seconds, 120K video.
Working a water hose quick connect. 6 seconds, 144K video.
Bending a wire for a hanging basket, step one. 6 seconds, 200K video.
Bending a wire for a hanging basket, step two. 8 seconds, 152K video.
How to load woodchip mulch into a pickup truck. 6 seconds, 136K video.
Mechanically edging a sidewalk. 9 seconds, 216K video.
Putting away a greenhouse hose. 21 seconds, 472K video.
Pruning technique, thinning a barberry shrub. 17 seconds, 400K video.
How to fill 806 market pack flats. 10 second video, 240K, by Jack.

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